Castlereagh Macquarie County Council’s suite of Integrated Planning and Reporting documents have been prepared in line with the NSW Government’s framework requirements. The framework recognises that the Council plans and policies should not exist in isolation and that they are in fact connected and incorporate the priorities of the community.

The Integrated Planning Framework consists of four layers of plans – the Community Strategic Plan, Delivery Program, Resourcing Strategy and Operational Plan.

The ten year Community Strategic Plan is the guiding document which identifies the community’s vision, priorities and objectives, for the future. It also outlines the strategies that will achieve these objectives.

The ten year Resourcing Strategy informs the development of the Community Strategic Plan and describes the resources we are going to utilise to achieve the objectives and strategies. It ensures there is an appropriate mix and delivery of infrastructure services combined with sufficient financial and human resources available. It is made up of three key components – the Long Term Financial Plan, Asset Management Plan and Workforce Management Plan.

The four-year Delivery Program is the point at which Council outlines what it intends to do towards achieving the community objectives and what its priorities are.

Supporting the Delivery Program is the annual Operational Plan. The Operational Plan contains the detail of actions to be undertaken in that year.