Some serious weeds are required by law to be controlled by all landholders in a particular area. These are known as noxious weeds and the law that controls them in New South Wales is the Noxious Weeds Act 1993.Weeds that are declared noxious are those weeds that have potential to cause harm to the community and individuals, can be controlled by reasonable means and most importantly, have the potential to spread within an area and to other areas.

A weed is declared noxious because its control will provide a benefit to the community over and above the cost of implementing control programs. Many bad weeds do not meet the criteria for declaration. Noxious weeds will have limited distribution with the potential to become more wide spread and will cause impact on agriculture, human health or the environment.

For an up to date list of weeds declared in the Local Control Authority area of Castlereagh Macquarie County Council visit the NSW WeedWise website >

In NSW the Noxious Weeds Act 1993 imposes obligations on occupiers of land to control noxious weeds declared in their area. There are five classes of noxious weed identified in the Act. These classes are as follows:

Class 1-State Prohibited Weeds

Class 2-Regionally Prohibited Weeds

Class 3-Regionally Controlled Weeds

Class 4-Locally Controlled Weed

Class 5-Restricted Plant