The Castlereagh Macquarie County Council has the following noxious weeds control functions:

  • responsibility for the control of noxious weeds by occupiers of land
  • control of noxious weeds on land owned or occupied by the local control authority and on certain roads, watercourses, rivers or inland waters
  • to ensure that owners and occupiers of land carry out obligation to control noxious weeds
  • to develop, implement, co-ordinate and review noxious weeds control policies and noxious weeds control programs
  • inspection of land within the local area in connection with its noxious weeds control functions
  • to report on the carrying out of the local authority’s functions
  • to co-operate with local control authorities of adjoining areas to control noxious weeds


  • An occupier of land (other than a local control authority) on which there is a notifiable weed must notify the CMCC after becoming aware that the notifibale weed is on the land.
  • Occupiers of private land must control noxious weeds on the land, as required by the control order for the class of weed concerned to the extent necessary to prevent weeds spreading to adjoining land.