Delivery Program

Castlereagh Macquarie County Council – Weed Control

The Delivery Program actions the Future Directions and Strategic Objectives of the Community Strategic Plan and it identifies the principal activities that council will undertake in response to these objectives. The Delivery Program addresses the full range of Council’s Operations and identifies who is responsible for their delivery.

The Delivery Program flows on into the tasks required annually as identified in the Operational Plan. The Delivery Program is intrinsically linked to the Resourcing Strategy documents being: the 10 Year Asset Management Strategy, the 4-year Workforce Plan, and the  10-Year Long Term Financial Plan. The Long Term Financial Term has also formed the basis from which the 4-year Financial forecast has been derived to explain in more detail how the Delivery Program will be funded over the life of the program.  This sees that the Delivery Program both informs and is informed by, the Resourcing Strategy.