NSW Weed Biocontrol Taskforce

The Taskforce comprise of a voluntary collaboration of members from a number of like-minded agencies responsible for managing weeds. The role of the Taskforce includes:

  • obtaining and facilitating commitment and investment,
  • mass-rearing and establishment of agents,
  • monitoring,
  • training,
  • prioritising agents for action in NSW,
  • and communication of research progress.

Bi-annual meetings involve updates, training, field visits and demonstrations.

The Taskforce funds and promotes biocontrol research alongside rearing, release, and monitoring programs (implementation activities) through a shared investment commitment.

This has enabled the setting of priorities and pooling of resources linking local, state and national collaborators. This pilot is proving highly successful and is laying the ground work for further co-investment in a coordinated, collaborative effort.

To learn more about, or participate in, the NSW Weed Biocontrol Taskforce and its collaborative biocontrol programs click the links below to view the prospectus or Winter 2020 Newsletter.

NSW Weed Biocontrol Taskforce Prospectus

NSW Weed Biocontrol Taskforce Winter 2020 Newsletter

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